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Conception Etude Réalisation Logistique

We exercise a forwarding agent activity for worldwide ocean and air transport with industrial customers.

CERL, specialized in industrial projects and “out of gauge” shipments, is focusing on markets where innovation and know-how are essential.

L2P Logistics is an innovative methodology developed by CERL to manage your industrial projects.


The L2P methodology was designed by international experts of project cargo transport together with CERL, initiator and owner of the methodology.

Leaning on the practices and the existing tools within CERL, completed by the best practice of the group of experts, L2P pursues 3 main objectives :

  • Harmonize best practice between the various actors of industrial project transports,
  • Improve the performance and the quality collected by the customers of the logistics projects, to transform every logistic challenge into a success story,
  • To supply a toolbox for the achievement of any complex transport project.


L2P Methodology

This business sector gathers together a huge number of services : transport (road, sea, air, river) and supply chain (storage, handling, packaging, wedging) and specific services (abnormal transport, regulated goods, customs clearance, administrative formalities, chartering of ships or aircrafts, etc…).

The project cargo transport is one of its components, with its special feature of joining the standard offers.

Project cargo is characterized by complex and often innovative solutions.

Project cargo transport is a very specific activity which requires a big know-how, a professionalism and rigour and successful staff members who perfectly master most of the multimodal freight requirements, thanks to their toolbox.

Standard services for project cargo transport

We must frequently achieve :

  • The multimodal transport and the modal transfer , often a delicate stage
  • The schedule and planning of a significant number of transports
  • The synchronization of flows and transport
  • The management of supply chain all over the world
  • The multi-origin transports require a know-how in cross trade
  • The on-site delivery with often very complex constraints
  • The supervision of the operations from loading up to delivery
  • The respect for global timing with objectives and penalties

Know-how and preconditions

The organization of a project cargo shipment requires a specific know-how. The teams in charge of a project have to know all the facets of worldwide transport and show qualities and skills like :

  • A big flexibility to adapt itself to complex scenarios
  • A constant professionalism
  • A very strong reactivity to handle all the events of the project
  • A big sense of communication
  • A strong motivation and project orientation
  • An availability and a mobility adapted to the project
  • A solid training in international transport and commerce and foreign languages
  • An expertise in the purchase of multimodal freight
  • A good knowledge of the world logistic plans
  • A high degree of control of project management and associated tools


The implementation of an industrial project requires 4 major stages which contribute to structure it :

Industrial project steering

During the phase of initialization, it’s important that the perimeter and the datas inherent to the project are clearly defined and understood by all actors. The use of L2P tools guarantees the exhaustiveness of information collection and real time interactivity.

The L2P project manager, identified and dedicated partner for the contractor, thanks to the L2P toolbox, builds-up the time scheduling of the project and submits it to the approval by all involved actors.

During the phase of execution, which can last from a few days to several months, even several years, the follow-up tools, the event management and the alert manager allow a maximum reactivity and give the essential visibility and flexibility of the project despite its complexity.

The phase of evaluation allows to gauge the global and detailed performance of the project, as well as the respect of commitments. Evaluation tools and customer survey allow to capitalize on acquired experiences and to register the project in a constant improvement approach.


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